“Star Wars: Forces of Destiny” – A new animated Star Wars Project

When I was developing the concept for this blog, it started out as me writing reviews and summaries of “Clone Wars” episodes in the “in universe” order of episodes. As I explored the depth of Star Wars cartoons, I realized that limiting this project to “Clone Wars” was silly and made no sense. I decided to do all the cartoon ever produced and the supporting media (such as comics or books that resulted from continuity established in a cartoon television show). I also decided to do them “in order” meaning covering one series at a time and not jumping around.

I started with the 10 minute cartoon short in the Holiday Special, then I jumped straight into “Droids”, the series from 1985. After “Droids”, I’ll do “Ewoks.” After Ewoks, the web series “Clone Wars”…and so on. The exciting thing for me, as both a Star Wars and cartoon fan, is that Disney seems committed to making more series and cartoon. We are headed into a fourth season of “Rebels” and there are rumors of another show to take it’s place after it is gone.

Even though I’m reviewing the shows “chronologically” and at my current pace, I will never run out of material to rant about, I do want to point out when there is relevant news related to Star Wars animation. During Star Wars Celebration Orlando (2017), it was revealed that there will be a new Youtube series called “Star Wars Forces of Destiny” that will focus on female characters such as Ahsoka, Rey, Jyn, and Leia.

Full official article here.

This is definitely the type of thing I love. Internet shorts about female leads in Star Wars? Yes…please. There will also be companion short stories and it appears that Padme, Sabine, Rey, Ahsoka, Jyn, and Leia all have stories in the companion. It will take me at least a year if not two to get to this series, but just in case you hadn’t heard it yet, be on the lookout for this.


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