Star Wars: Droids – Theme Song

A very 80 and very cool display of various droids in this universe as the title card for the series.

A quick post about the theme song, I’m not going to comment on the theme song every time, so I thought I would just get out in front of it because…it is sort of amazing. It is in the style of sort of a synth-rock song, moderate tempo, and it was written by Copeland of “The Police”…yes, those “The Police”…Sting’s band, although he doesn’t appear to have been involved with this song. Here are the lyrics.

Steppin’ softly in a danger zone
No weapon in my hand
It’s just this brain, designed by man
It’s got me in trouble again
In trouble again
I put my life in jeopardy
In the service of my friends
I wouldn’t care but it’s a dangerous affair
Cause I’m in trouble again, trouble again
In trouble, in trouble, in trouble

It isn’t a great song but it takes me back to the days of 80s theme songs like “Perfect Strangers” where a song is trying to tell a story but in 45 seconds or whatever. And a famous rock band made this song. Or at least members of a famous rock band made this song. This was in the period where “The Police” were “breaking up” and Copeland had an alternative track to his career composing for TV and movies…this was one of his projects.

screenshot-2017-02-28-at-11-46-56-pm screenshot-2017-02-28-at-11-47-14-pm

Here are some screenshots from the opening sequence. Like all great opening sequences, it is comprised of clips from the show with text displaying relevant information about the actors or characters. In this show, Anthony Daniels and R2-D2 (sorry Kenny) get top billing, makes sense.


And in case you weren’t aware, this is a George Lucas joint. Thanks George. You’re the greatest (no sarcasm intended).

One last thought. I think part of why I decided to write this post is that it’s a theme song on a Star Wars show…that’s pretty jarring coming from Star Wars in the modern era. I watch everything and this might be the only property (well this and Ewoks) that has a theme song. Everything else has amazing orchestral arrangements by (or in the style of) John Williams. So to here “In trouble again” in this style of music…pretty interesting, at least to me.

So just a quick post today, about a theme song written by a member of “The Police” in 1985…starring R2-D2 as himself.

Next up, “The White Witch.”


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